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Frequently Asked Questions !

You can either book an appointment, visit our Farm, and buy on the farm, on contact us using via phone or mail, and we will assist you with your order, and have it delivered to your address.

Yes we do ship mainly within the states and considerably on quantity we do ship international.

Within the States shipping is between one to two days depending the time of your order. For International it greatly depends of your Country.

First worth noting is that we do insure all our livestock before shipping them to you. So in the case of anything, your shipment is covered by insurance and you shall be compensated accordingly. If your package gets missing in the course of shipping, we contact the courier service and they will place a trace on your package. If your package is found, then we will redirect it and have it shipped again, if not, we are responsible to a one time reshipping of the items you ordered.


  • All animals are individually identified
  • All animals meet the Promel Live Stock  Farms beef protocol from birth to slaughter
  • All Promel Live Stock  are subject to annual independent third party Approved audit .


  • Calves are raised by their mothers
  • All animals have constant access to pasture
  • All animals are managed to promote health and avoid parasites and disease
  • No routine or sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics is permitted but sick animals cannot be overlooked and must be treated


  • All cattle are raised to meet the AFMA standards
  • Cattle are raised on grass and forage crops
  • Cattle are not fed grain or grain by-products
  • Cattle are not given antibiotics or hormones
  • Cattle are not given any animal or fish by-products
  • No genetically modified (GM) crops are fed to the cattle